What is Direct Primary Care?

  • It is Healthcare, Reinvented. It brings the focus back to what is most important —the relationship between the patient and the physician.
  • Membership based. Focused on your health
  • Affordable flat monthly fee paid by the patient or their employer
  • More accessibility with your doctor
  • No long wait times
  • Small panel size means more time with your doctor
  • Cost transparency for pharmaceuticals, labs, and imaging studies
  • No third party (i.e. insurance) barriers means no more copays or billing insurances
  • Utilization of technological advances for convenience
  • Discounts to ancillary services (Ayurveda, Facials, IV Nutritional therapy, Educational classes, Plant-based cooking classes)
  • It’s transparent, affordable, personalized care that leads to improved health outcomes and patient experience
  • The doctor you call. The doctor you trust.

What it’s not:

  • It is NOT an insurance plan—its simply medical care as it should be, providing comprehensive primary care
  • No more Co-Pays, standard insurance billing, dealing with prior authorizations or third party payers
  • It is not a substitute for insurance. Patients still maintain insurance to cover what insurance is meant to pay for: hospitalizations, emergency room visits, specialist, etc.
  • Please see our DPC FAQ for more details and explanations

About Us

Meet the Team – Let us introduce you to Dr. Reena Patel and her team! Learn more


Practice Philosophy – Dr. Patel prefers a more holistic and alternative approach to managing patients, caring for the whole person (mind, body and soul) through a fusion of western and eastern (Ayurveda) medicine. Learn more

Pricing and Plans


As of January 1st, 2022, we have NEW Integrative Direct Primary Care (DPC) Membership Subscription Fees.


  • $185/mo
    • Primary care that includes annual wellness physical and 99 office visits per year.
    • An initial personalized Comprehensive Ayurvedic Consultation and an annual reassessment with your wellness exam.
    • Discounts on supplements and services offered in the office.
    • Plan includes phone/email/text/telemedicine consultations, pending HIPAA compliant accessibility.


  • $35/mo
    • Family discount applies to current patient’s children and those single parents with a child under age of 18 years living in
      the same household

REGISTRATION: A $99 non-refundable initiation fee (MAX $199 for enrolling your family)

If you would like to enroll in one of our DPC membership plans, please click the corresponding ‘Purchase’ button above and you will be directed to our payment software provider. You will be asked to create an account and provide payment information at this secure site. Please note: A 2% service fee will also be charged for any Credit Card or Debit Card transactions.

Included with Membership Fee

  • Personalized Healthcare
  • Extended, relaxed office visits (30-45 minutes), with more accessibility to your doctor via e-mail and telemedicine
  • Wellness and Preventative Care
  • Annual Comprehensive Physical
  • Sick and Urgent Visits
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Wholesale Labs and Medications
  • Coordination of care with specialists
  • In-Office Diagnostic and Procedural Benefits at Minimal or No Extra Cost (Note: some services may have to pay wholesale cost for medication(s)/material(s)).


Additional Services Offered at a Discount for Members

  • Ayurvedic Consultations
  • IV Nutritional Therapy
  • In-Office Supplements
  • Nano-needling, Oxygen, Fire & Ice Facials
  • Facial PRP Micro-needling and Hair PRP Injections
  • Plant-based cooking classes & Educational lectures